About Last Week

I have been working out of state for about 3 weeks. I have come home just to pack up and go again. This time was so hectic and busy but I loved it. I was MOM, I came home from a two-week project and didn’t stop running going straight to the barbershop with the little fellows, then to Juicy Crab of course and hung out with the cousin who decided to pull up in the A and hang out with me and my sister girlfriend. From there Myles had basketball evaluations and we watched Penn state lose by one point to Ohio State. THEN , took the kids to Main Event. The next morning got up, took Myles to a casting, took Dad to the airport and then off to a fashion show. What fun. Mon and Tues was prep to hit the road again. Other than hitting up the skating rink last minute and we can’t  forget #K2 and #K3 had to trick or treat …We have to do  that. Now although I was tired, I did not do what  I had to do, but what I wanted to do….the best part of being me is being mom….This is the life of #DatStageMom yup #JustDanielle #MovinMommaBeMovin đŸ˜‚
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