BET Awards 2016 AND 2017 Recap

So I cannot begin…yes I can but how. I have to say that a recap of the 2017 BET Awards New Edition Tribute is an absolute must!!! I happened to come across  my 300 pictures of this experience and i got all bubbly inside again. No really. Since we got the call in February of 2015…it has been like family. From cast to the grips….the lighting and set to Chris Robinson the director. Our boys were their boys. The pranks played, the fights, the dance offs, the bowling nights, the beach, the amusement parks, the video game overloads to the visits to the mall. ..There were a lot of visits to the mall….Girls, clothes and a time to just be kids.

So of course the 2016 BET Awards was super awesome. The  boys were able to introduce themselves to the world and introduce the hottest most anticipated  biopic that year.

But then…..the boys #TheLittles were asked to perform alone and then along side the other cast and the original  members of THEEE New Edition for the Lifetime Achievement Awards….for the 2017 BET Awards…Are you serious…..Oh my Lawd….We were totally excited…

Well you all know me…I take pictures of everything….I  know how to catch the moment right!? you did see the awards right? if you didn’t see it … Here it is.

BET Lifetime Achievement Award New Edition Tribute
Here is  a clip  of the 2017 BET Awards… Just in case ?




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