Week One-Its Really Happening


One week ago we were on a plane to Los Angeles with stars in our eyes, heart pounding with excitement and ready to take on the big screen…..And full of unanswered questions, butterflies in our stomachs, fears, worries, and confused of whats to come. The child star journey is one to be excited about. Lights, camera action and…..then what. Ever wonder what the mother of the child actor goes through. In a blink of an eye, plane tickets, wardrobe, rehearsals, hotels, contracts, and anything else that would make your forehead wrinkle from confused squinting. All types of people with AD, PR, Dir and such in front of thier names. There are alot of things that mothers deal with when having a child star. What about what is back home while one is “living the dream”. For me I have a loving and devoted husband, two little boys and two dogs…..at home. No one talks about how you miss them, the stress on your marriage and your bank account ( He aint no star yet lol) Take this journey with me as I “learn as I go” from some amazing mothers who have been doing the “Stage Mom” thing for a minute. Questions like ; ” What is the difference between an agent and a manager? How does a confidentiality clause work? What is exclusivity? How do you handle your child’s education? and more will be answered. This is a journey worth the travel, but knowing a little more than you did may be helpful.


  1. Enjoy the journey! Welcome to the club and thanks for stepping out to share and creating a space where we can all grow together.

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