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Hey everyone. First  I have to apologize. I have allowed doubt, fear and insecurities to cloud my clear faith in my purpose. Please be patient with me. I simply want to share my experience on this journey. I know it  has been some time. I think it is because I really didn’t know what my avenue was. What did I want or need y’all to know. Like who is Datstagemom and what am i trying to do. Well here it is. Datstagemom is a wife, mom, sister, daughter friend blah blah blah lol But I am simply a woman that was blessed with a son who was blessed to be int the t.v./film industry… and I had no clue what  to do….and boy did that change our lives. Including my husband and 2 other sons, mom and mother in law….Our new normal.

By why “Datstagemom”. Well I was and am that stage mom that is still overwhelmed with joy when I see my son on tv or stage. I am that stage mom that wants to learn all there is to learn to help him have a safe, progressive, successful career and future. I am that stage mom that is taking a leap of faith and believing God. I am that stage mom that has to juggle being a wife and mother of 3 wonderful full of life boys while managing and traveling with one of them.  I am that stage mom that is clueless about this industry and is moving on faith and referrals 🙂 I am that stage mom that is and has made mistakes and every day learn from them. ..What makes me a lil different is that I am that stage mom that has a desire to share it with others. Datstagemom wants  to be a resource to other parents that are managing their children in the entertainment industry.  I want to be the kind of “heads up” for momagers and their “youngstar”.  As we all know I don’t know everything, but I promise to share what I do know

God has been tremendously good  to us. We have not lacked nor needed.God  has been my guidance and strength when I feel like I may have made a mistake or maybe this is not what I should be  doing. Datstagemom is just honest about the pain and reminds myself  daily…moment by moment about the purpose of it all.  Many see the payoff but there are some who remember what I paid.  It is not about me. As I was told just 2 days ago from this post….It’s bigger than you…Its bigger than Myles. My pain and presence is purposeful.  I pray that God will allow  me  to be  purposeful in your journey and help you #LiveBetweenScenes

So, I will be more consistent and work harder to remember that my journey is NOT ABOUT ME

Its All about Gods Purpose for me

Remember our kids are not  in competition. What God has for them is already for them. Let help them get it!!!


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  1. I am overjoyed for you and Myles! God has truly been good to you and I am so proud of him. Terry speaks so highly of him all the time 🙂 Would love to speak with you soon.

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