Appreciating the Appreciation

Peace and blessings family,

It’s amazing how I have been told that I talk a lot….go figure something like that lol ok well maybe. But I just love to talk…I enjoy getting to know other people and learning from them…good and bad. I also like to share with others anything that I know. Especially if its something that I love and love to talk about……Hence my conversations about being “Datstagemom” During conversations with other momagers I couldnt believe how many other mothers feel the same anxiety when it comes to managing their child star. With the overwhelming contracts, changes, new people, sign this and sign that,along with ensuring that the rest of the family unit is not left disconnected. I was told that it is not a usual thing that one momager would share information and help other momagers. It seems to be a sense of competition with  young stars and the momagers are the Head Coach. I do not know about that and I can say that I have not experienced this with Myles’ first project. The mothers of the other young New Edition cast walked through the experience WITH me and we were a help to me. I do not have that mentality. I have this confidence that when God has something for you, it is for YOU. We say that but think about it. If it is ordained to belong to you, NO ONE can beat you out of it or take it.  There is no “competition”. My blessing is not yours and your blessing is not mine.

I only want to help you walk toward…in…and enjoy YOUR blessing with as much knowledge as possible. I am only sharing my experience. So like I say…(or my mom says) “Take the meat and ….throw away the bones”

That is exactly what I told Wileeta….I guess it helped lol I had  a great time talking about my experiences and ways to make this blessing work for her and her child actor.

Thank you Wileeta for trusting me and God thank you for the opportunity….I think I am a little overwhelmed with joy. #FeelingEmotional

“It is really a true pleasure to write this review. I met Danielle at the birthday party of a mutual friend’s son. Who knew that such a chance meeting would turn out to be so beneficial. My 10 year old son De’Jon is an up and coming actor/model. I thought I had everything under control when it came to my son’s budding career.  However, I could not have been more wrong. Danielle  proved to be a true blessing to both me and my son De’Jon.  I learned more from Danielle about the “industry”. She was very transparent and so forthcoming about everything from choosing an agent for your child star to money management and trust accounts…and so much more!   Danielle, I thank you and Myles. Myles was also a great influence on De’Jon. I look forward to attending any workshops or classes that you may have in the very near future. With sincere thanks from Wileeta and De’Jon Watts. “

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