What have I learned so far

Well… Ok so one thing is that there are a lot of moving parts. Work permits, on-line vs home schooling.I will post some links at the bottom of this post to help. Remember, what I type here is just some thoughts. Please research for yourself….This is just what I came across.

Agent vs Manager: Your agent Can Not be your manager and vice versa. Ok so an agent works for you. They don’t get paid unless you get paid. Be aware of those asking for money to “make you a star”. You make money for them. As the mom…..you are the manager unless you hire someone….keep that money. Oh an agent should get 10%….no more. (That’s just what I heard 🙂


Per diem: An allowance for you and your little star to live each day. Most of the time the youngsters first check will be “in the hole” so be ready to have a little money on hand until it kicks in. Keep your reciepts. (Taxes!!!)

Where are the mom’s while they do their thang? Well, in my experience (one week right lol) moms are on hand to help. Ear and eye shot for assistance but not in the rehearsals or recording studios with them. We are their ubers, bodyguards, friends, gofers, teachers, spiritual guides, financial advisers, oh and mothers. We are everything…..use your village. It has been a blessing being on set with ladies who are willing to share knowledge but that doesn’t happen all the time. Even in this awesome experience, I have felt and seen some not so nice things and heard some not so nice comments. Keep your focus and remember everyone is NOT in your corner. I have had to remind myself that some are just not on your side ….but as long as God is….we are fine.

So how has these weeks been for me personally. Well, I honestly miss my babies. I facetime as much as possible and try to pray a lot. I haven’t spent as much time with my son than I have during this time. We have no choice being in a hotel room together lol. We have become a lot closer and I have learned to chose my battles. This experience is bringing us closer than ever. I must say this week for me has been an amazing ride.  I have learned a lot for his next project. I have been praying and reading more. Not just for me but for Myles. I have began to remove myself from negativity…people and comments. Silence has been my strength. Well next week we are on camera….I am loving #thestagemomthing (so far) lol

Next week we talk Union, casting and other good stuff!!!


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