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Hey family. People are asking how it was when it started for Myles. Well. this is how it started Here are some tips to help with your start….

Doin’ The Stage Mom Thing

It all began on July 15,2015 I got an email It was THE email of all emails. It was not nasty, rude, confusing or disrespectful…. (although the undertone was curt and understood) But it was the email that did it. It gave me an immediate confirmation that it was time to take a break. I did not…I would break something…. I was even feeling a little broken myself. I was at least feeling a ‘lil “fragile”.  So, I logged off my computer, got up, put one foot in front of the other, said “This is not it”, and left.  Now of course my loving and devoted husband gently but strongly questioned my plan, but he also knew I didn’t have a clue. I really knew it was God then. I am blessed to have him.  I knew that I was placed here for a bigger more divine purpose. So, I took this time to volunteer in the community and spend time with my family. Meanwhile, I prayed that God would give me the desires of my heart as well as be a vessel to help my family live our dreams. My husband who has been my strong shoulder was moving up in the Electronic Medical Records/IT field and it kept him on the road and with me working for corporate America it left me little time for my three boys. Now…I could be what I always wanted to be…a mom. I can help them reach their dreams.

Three weeks turned into twelve weeks. And then on Wednesday October 7th, 2015….I woke up, I prayed and I pressed send….”It is with tremendous amounts of peace and acceptance that I submit my resignation effective today.” I came, I boxed up my things, walked out and…. I exhaled. I had no clue what I was going to do. I did know that I had faith and for me that was enough. I just knew God had us.  Driving off the company parking lot (no lie) …I got a call…Myles, my oldest was asked to come to a casting call for the untitled New Edition movie. To say I was excited is an understatement! It was only the casting call, but I just knew it. I called my husband and evidently, he knew it too. He said, “Well good thing you don’t have to go to work!” We laughed but both realized how God just worked it out.  And just like that…. a new normal.

I often questioned how a mother of 3 yes THREE boys, and a traveling husband could do this. I was now the Momager of Myles Truitt, Young Ronnie Devoe in BET’s hit Biopic the New Edition movie.  What did this mean? How does this work. I knew how to be a MOM, but adding MANAGER to the equation was honestly a bit overwhelming and even SCARY. However, I was excited about what the future had in store. It was all so exciting! This was my purpose

It all happened so fast. My new position, job title or employment called for orientation. As with any new job, you must learn the basics first. This is exactly what I had to do. I did some “on-set” hands on training.  I had to learn and learn quick. It helped that I was blessed to be around some amazing mothers who have been on the scene with their kids for quite a while.  These ladies shared their experiences and were very helpful. Sadly, this is not always the case. Therefore, it is important to research for yourself.  With my research, own experiences and testimonials, I was able to collect some really good information to help me on this journey. These notes were birthed into a blog called

This journey is full of little “did you knows” and “you should haves”. Meaning, without the proper education or knowledge of the industry, it could be easy to be taken advantage of. There is information to share and it could help the next mom. I figured if I am confused and lost, I can’t be alone. So, my blog will help other momagers navigate through this new normal.  The “stage mom” life is not all business either. I like to hit the real issues that will have a direct effect on you and your family. Being able to handle how your child adjust to this new normal is important. From set to home attitude adjustments, chores of the child actor as well as grounding and humbling your rising star. How do you balance the Mom/Manager role?  How do you keep your family back home in consideration? How can you have “Me” time and not neglect yourself. These issues are important as well. Learning how to cope in your “new normal” together is important not only for your child’s career, but for their development as well.

I hope to help the next Momager during their journey. But let me remind you to research and research again. As my mom says…” Take the meat and throw away the bone” I only hope to be helpful as you live between the scenes.

Prepare of Greatness

  • Get the Family Ready…

It will be important to prepare yourself and your family for the adjustments into your new normal. Thinking ahead of who will help with other children or your fur babies may seem premature, but it is not. Making these arrangements sooner than later will help with easy quick travel. Keep in mind that most contracts include flight, room and per diem for the talent and one guardian. Any other arrangements would be your responsibility.

Also, don’t forget your foundation. For our family, we stand rooted and grounded in God. This allows us all to stay focused and humble. Keep prayer as a priority and remind each other that God is first and all other desires will come

  • Organize all Pertinent Documents/Save Receipts…. ALL receipts

Be sure to have all your “youngstar’s” medical and educational documents in order. Social Security Cards along with ORIGINAL Birth Certificates should be easily accessible.  These items are necessary for passports and work permits. Also, begin thinking about homeschool and if it would benefit your “youngstar”. Start having conversations with the school, county and even the district to find out what if how they would work with the sporadic days out of school. It could be a difficult transition but it doesn’t have to be. The worst thing is getting an amazing opportunity quickly and having to scurry to get things together…Believe me. It’s not fun.

  • Create Your “Dream Team”…

As soon as possible, get your dream team in order and understand their role in this journey.

  • Agent(s)-They are the ones that brings work to your child actor. They should be well connected to the casting world and can help find projects that fit your child.
  • Entertainment Attorney-contracts can get muddy and the wording can look like another language all together. Having an attorney who specializes in the entertainment as a “business” will be beneficial and save much heartache.
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) -not the tax person you use for your taxes J. With all the expenses that you and your child star accrue, it is best to submit all receipts and tax records to a professional. This makes for better records and accountability.
  • YOU ARE THE MANAGER- You do the rest…. well it seems that way. J You make sure that everything is in order and ensure that your child is where they are supposed to be. You make sure they are polished, prepared and in position for greatness. You maintain records, casting requests, the trust fund, their other accounts, school progress as well as anything else that will ensure that the talent is prepared.

These are just a few things to think about when beginning this journey.  There are some other things to consider and I hope to help you on this journey. Come join this ride with me DatStageMom and experience this journey with my family.

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