#SoThankful Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016…#OurNewNormal….Toronto….Canada

Movie “Bad Moms” playing in the background…..again …. lol

HEY FAMILY!  Well so much has been going on. We are so excited about all the blessings that God is sending our way…..The doors that have been opening up for him are totally God.

If you are on any social media and we connect, you will see all of the updates with Myles Truitt, the child actor….my son.

Get caught up……Facebook (Danielle RWOA Jackson) my IG: @Datstagemom or Twitter @datstagemom lol

We are now in Toronto working on a new project. As soon as I have the sign of approval, you know I will drop the link. It’s a really cool project. A true blessing.

Soooo as Myles is filming, I am usually on set. However, if it is a tight squeeze, I will stay in the trailer of close by with a monitor. There are times where you have more time on your hands than usual. Make your mind busy….Do something. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop…playground or something like that….right? lol You know what I mean. I am not saying you should go to school on line, but learn new things, work out, read a good book, pray more, meditate more, write your book, set your appointments for the family…..start a blog 🙂

What I am saying is make the best of your time. Keep your mind stimulated….positive thoughts…God’s word…and loving energy around you. I have been committed to placing positive quotes through out the trailer and apartment. This is especially important around those hard times like holidays, birthdays or special occasions and you can’t be with your family.

Can I be real….Well y’all should know me by now…lol Everything is not all that it appears. I love being with my son and having him do what he loves. However, it gets  tiring. I have had some low times. some times where I didn’t feel needed or a priority anymore. With all the pulling and tugging on him, you feel at times that you are just a mule. Just a guardian and not the parent. Well at least I did…oh yall feel good all the time my bad lol. I felt like I was losing myself.  I began to feel like “what about me”. What are my goals, desires, dreams and purpose. Then I get a slap, a hit, a light, a good cry, a great laugh, that perfect on time call, the just in time post, that reminder that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

I have to keep positive and remember that this is all for a greater good. I have to repeat to myself….this is a season. I am a strong, capable, able and will black woman who has been chosen to be the mother of 3 amazing boys and  a wife of an awesome man. God had my life path planned before I was born. He knew that my past experiences, triumphs, wins and loses.. would build me to be what He wanted me to be..This path was designed especially for me. So because of  these reasons, I can do this!

I have made it this  far. My family has made it this far and God is not going to leave us….we have so much farther tog go….I know that this is just the start for myhles. And I have two amazing other sons…..so I can only imagine what the years  to come will look like….I am ready for that too!

This is a trying time for us. #Ournewnormal includes missing my 6  year old’s birthday, being here for Thanksgiving as well as coming home two days before Christmas. All the while #mybacon is still commuting for work…really commuting. Although it is difficult at times and I sometimes wonder if I am making the right choices,It has been a wonderful whirlwind of blessings. I am so grateful to be in the position I am in to share whatever knowledge, insight and/or emotions that will help someone else.

So it is Thanksgiving and Throwback Thursday here we go….

Take a look at some pictures I took during the “making of” The New Edition Movie.  Yall Remember?

I am working on a slide show of all my pictures. Just be patient with me its coming. Everyone knows I take pictures of everything…..so you know it will take time 🙂

The New Edition Biopic, BET January 24,25 and the 26th. Starring my son Myles Malik Truitt playing Young Ronnie Devoe.



Check out Myles and his friends Dante Hoagland, Tyler Williams, Caleb McLaughlin  and Jahi Winston as they play New Edition as feisty talented youngsters.



20160518_170434 20160518_19004420160517_134938 20160518_213252 20160524_133851 20160517_202318

So Many memories. I have so many pictures and experiences that remind me how thankful I am. God has truly been a blessing. DatStageMom…me says thank you Lord for continuing to bless my family with health, friendship, family, love, strength, protection, comfort, guidance and FAVOR.

Happy Thanksgiving…Everyday from DatStageMom all the way from Canada….

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