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Whirlwind of Blessings!!!

  • I am so proud to say that after only 6 months of professional representation Myles has landed 3 projects. Christopher Young and Tayvon Smith have been nothing less than a blessing. Through J. Pervis Talent Agency, they have worked hard to get the project that will set Myles a part from the rest showing his amazing gift from God.


Christopher Young            And              Tayvon Smith

  • The time has come. The FIRST movie has been filmed and ready for release. Your child is in demand. He has representation and things are moving faster than you expected. It appears that every other call to the agency is about your child….Who is this kid? They are submitting self-tapes left and right and everybody wants to work with them. What  now…..PR…. new photo shoot, entertainment lawyer and oh a loan out company.  So much to discuss.


  • So much is going on. Now that the dates of the premier are have been released. (January 24, 25 and 26). I am seeing all kinds of links on line with our boys’ faces plastered all over it. Here are a few:

  • Did we discuss what a self tape is? Ok so there are times when it is physically impossible to get your young talent in front of casting for a face-to -face call. This will sometimes result in them requesting a virtual casting call where talent can submit themselves. In my opinion, the positive side of a self-tape is that you can go back and look at it before you submit it and we can be our own critic. Check out a few websites that give tips on the best way to create a self-tape.

How To Self Tape

  • What we found is having a good acting coach helps tremendously. I know your kid is a natural and doesn’t need no stinking coach….Ok well just humor me. Plus the practice will help and give better chances of landing a job 🙂 A good acting coach will just help pull out the greatness that is already in your youngstar. Training and Studying of your craft and skill is what makes you better.

We simply love Vince Pisani. Look him up on Instagram

20160729_131114_00120160719_141241Please if you are in the Atlanta area…Vince is a gem to cherish IG: Vince Pisani @vincepisaniactor

  • So I have heard this term “Hold” and was very curious…Let’s talk about what a talent “Hold”Is:

What is a Talent Holding Deal?


Much like how studios can offer writers and producers first look deals, they can also make a similar type of offer to actors, especially in the TV arena. Often times a network/studio will recognize an actor for his/her talents, but won’t have the right project to attach them too. They don’t want them to take another starring role elsewhere so what the network/studio will do is pay them a fee (ranging from low six figures to low seven figures) to “put them on hold” while they develop the right project for them to star in. The network may even give them a recurring role on another airing series during the course of the deal. These agreements typically last a year. When they are locked in this holding deal, they are not allowed to accept any starring role in any TV show until the agreement expires.

If you have a good agent, they will negotiate what will your child “hold” on. There may be an opportunity to put other projects in the hold. Maybe saying ok we won’t do this, but we have to be able to do this….that’s what good representation is.

  • Secondly PR (Public Relations). With all of the things that your child will be doing, there needs to be someone to get those appearances for him and be sure to market who he is …It is time to build a fanbase and to get his face in front of the right venues….For Myles, he worked with some amazing young adult actors from New Edition



However, the PR provided will be more for them. It’s important to get your child’s face present. The PR will : handle and coordinate any public appearances to benefit the career of your youngstar. It’s important to find one that knows the audience that the project will reach. If it is an urban project, it’s good to get someone who knows the urban media to get your youngstar the publicity. This is the same for your mainstream markets. It would be great to have someone who is strong in both.

I hope this information was informational….

  • Let me share a funny with you…..

So for those like me, I had not been on a set trailer before. Through conversation, me and another mother below figured out what the lil spray thing next to the toilet was…..Not saying we didn’t know, we just wanted to confirm lol Hey sis! 100!!!






  1. This is awesome information!! I have been looking for yhis type of information for a long time! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    How can I get my son in front of an agent? Not easy but the talent is there.

  2. Hi Fran
    Check out the agency I posted here on earlier posts. Myles has great representation from J. Pervis Talent agency. I would reach out to them and see how the process works. Once your are in front of them, they will be able to tell you more. As you know a song and a monologue are always important to have on hand. I will shoot out any information as it comes.Maybe that will be my next post. Thank you for your comment.

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