Just Some Encouragement

Hi Momagers and Dadagers.  I posted a video on my Facebook (Danielle RWOA Jackson). We have amazing children doing wonderful things. Maybe your destiny and purpose is to be the driving force behind them. It is difficult when you are in a place that you feel limited and unable to grow. I know this feeling too well .I just wanted to share with you my thoughts. I know that when I was moving toward my destiny ( as I am still am) with my son, I was so uncomfortable. I didn’t understand why I felt like I did not fit. This is because I was not built for THAT. It wasn’t until I took a leap that I felt like my  space was bigger, I had some wiggle room, my  territory was expanded. I could move around more…move around more in God. My creativity was opened up, my mind was expanding its ability, I COULD NOW BREATH… So….God will give it to you, but just be ready…it will get tight..it will get a bit uncomfortable. This happens when you have outgrown where you are, who you are around and your way of thinking. Overflow…Outpouring…it happens it cannot stay in the same space….I know.


I hope this helps. #SemicolonLife #WoundedHealer #DatStageMom


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