My name is Danielle. It all began with an email…Well it started way before that but…My faith walk began on July 15,2015 I got an email…I was at work…my place of employment….It was THE email of all emails. It was not nasty, rude, confusing or disrespectful….(although the undertone was understood) But it wa the email that did it. I gave me an immediate confirmation that it was time to take a break. It was the email that confirmed that if not…I would break something….I was even feeling a little broke myself. Or at least a lil “fragile” lol So I took some time…I logged off, got up, put one foot in front of the other, said this is not it and left.

What I thought would be 3 weeks turned out to be 12 weeks. And then….Wednesday October 7th, 2015….I pressed send….”It is with tremendous amount of peace and acceptance that I submit my resignation effective today.” I came, I boxed up, I left….I exhaled.

Driving off the lot(no lie)…I got a call…Myles was asked to come to a casting call for the untitled New Edition movie..and just like that….a new normal. Plane tickets, contracts, cameras in our face and much more. I have been blessed to be around some amazing women who have been doin’  “The Stage Mom Thing” for quite a while and have been very helpful. I had many questions and still have more. As a mother of 3  yes THREE boys, this has been a journey even thus far. I want to share any tidbits of knowledge that would help other mothers. Don’t take my info as the “Bible” just take the meat and throw away the bones. Use what works for you and just leave me a note to say how it helped. Also share your wealth…..Tell us what you know. Now time to take this ride…..And it’s a doozie!